Radon Mitigation / Radon Abatement

With the generally high radon levels in Colorado it’s very important to have your home tested at least every two years and corrected if the results are higher than 4 pCi/l. Radon comes out of the ground all the time, pretty much everywhere. When you put a box on the ground (a house), you’re basically containing all of the gasses coming out of the ground under it. Radon mitigation systems work by creating a vacuum under the home, and expelling the gasses out above your home where they’re quickly diluted by the outside air.

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer and causes more fatalities annually than drunk driving. The statistics concerning radon exposure have been documented and studied under measured conditions for decades. Mines, and the miners working in them have provided the long term data on the effects of radon gas exposure. These are hard statistics. Be safe. It’s easy and affordable to test your home and correctable if the results are high.

It generally only takes a day to install most systems, and it’s not dirty or intrusive to have a system installed, as most of the work is done in your basement/crawlspace and on the exterior of the home. You wont even know we’re there, aside from a bit of noise. We always wear boot covers or put down a floor covering if we need to walk through your home to do the work or move materials. We’ll install a quality mitigation system, designed and adjusted to the specific layout and conditions of your home. We then run a digital WiFi connected radon monitor in your home to ensure that the system we installed is working properly. No waiting days or weeks to know the effectiveness of the mitigation system you just had installed, we can see our monitor in real-time and can usually tell within 12-24 hours if the system is doing exactly what we want or if additional work will need to be done. We only bill half of the invoice upon completion of the initial install, and the other half when we can verify the levels are averaging 4 pCi/l or less.

Our radon removal systems can be installed in any type of basement or crawlspace, are built for longevity and durability, and use industry standard RadonAway fans. The fans cost around $40-$60 per year in electricity to run, have a life expectancy of around 10 years, and can be fairly easily replaced.

Most importantly, we care about helping to keep your home a safe place. We take pride in the work we do and its backed up by a 5 Year transferable guarantee. We’ll also provide you with a graph and hourly meter readings from when we start the work until we reach a 48 hour average below 4 pCi/l and we’re confident the system is working properly and your home is safe from radon..

If you’d like to get an estimate to have a mitigation system installed, or if your current mitigation system is not performing the way it should, give us a call at 719-619-6363 or scroll down to schedule online.

Link - E.P.A. Citizens Guide to Radon


Radon Mitigation

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