Home Inspection

We provide a complete and thorough home inspection utilizing specialized tools and procedures to detect and record evidence of potentially defective components or conditions. As you go through the process of buying a home it is highly recommended to have a professional go through the entire structure and search for any signs of past or present issues that could be or become a major problem. Nobody likes those kind of surprises and It’s amazing what a picture perfect home can hide at times, but not from us. With a FLIR camera, moisture meters, a gas leak detector, radon monitor, etc. we can detect far more than our natural senses allow. We’ll provide you with an organized, comprehensive digital report with meter readings, photographs, and videos of the areas of concern so that you can make a more informed home purchase. If you’re buying, or just want to do proactive maintenance, give us a call or schedule online anytime.

Pre-Sale Inspection

If you are looking to sell your home and you’d like to have it ready to go on the market, have a pre-sale inspection done. You don’t want to have to negotiate down your price or have anything held up making last minute repairs. You will know what defects to fix ahead of time and avoid the back and forth at closing.